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Fastcase 50 Award

Published onJul 25, 2019
Fastcase 50 Award

I was privileged in 2018 to receive the Fastcase 50 award and found myself in the company of some of the most esteemed innovators in legal technology.  Read more about the 2018 cohort here:

Holding the physical award at my MIT Media Lab desk this morning

Below is the kind award language.  Thank you, Fastcase!

Dazza Greenwood
Founder,; Lecturer and Visiting Research Scientist, MIT
Twitter Handle

In the legal innovation space Dazza Greenwood thinks big, and his influence has been far-reaching. As a consultant for Fortune 100 companies at he advises clients on areas such as digital identity and data management, but as a Research Scientist at MIT he is changing the way we think about law altogether. Dazza is a pioneer of computational legal science, a field that works to apply the ideas of computational social science to the law, mining the law’s data to new ends. He’s also one of the brains behind the launch of and a leader in the forum. We can count on Dazza to be ahead of the curve, seeing and reacting to trends years before they impact the legal market.

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